Giga Berlin Ground Levelling Project

Giga Berlin Ground Leveling Project Near Completion

By the looks of it, it seems that Giga Berlin ground leveling project is near completion. The region is, like much else of the world, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic but the work continues none the less. So despite all the trouble that the virus brings, the work on Giga Berlin is humming forward. 

Tesla fans have released images on the Phase 1 zone of Giga Berlin. In some of the images, we can see that there is a lot of heavy equipment in the area. The work has been on-going for the last couple of weeks and apart for som trees and sections where animals are still receding, the Phase 1 zone is almost completely ready. 

Giga Berlin Getting Support by the German State 

As an addition to the progress on the Giga Berlin ground leveling project, the facilities of Tesla has been receiving a boost from the Brandenburg´s State Environmental Agency. The agency wishes to give Tesla advanced permission to start the construction of the foundation before the final approval. 

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As well as pushing the permission for the foundational construction, the agency is also trying to push the construction of Giga Berlin even though there are currently 373 objections against the project. The reason for this is the positive prediction for the factory’s final approval from the Higher Administrative Court. While this might seem like something positive for Tesla it also comes at a risk. The ability to start the construction before the final permit means that Tesla might need to remove everything that has been built this far if the permits are not granted. 

Giga Berlin Ground Leveling Project Near Completion Bodes Well for EV Market

The progress on the Gigafactory in Berlin is positive for the EV market. The auto market has almost been in a complete standstill due to the consequences of the Coronavirus. Several big regions of Europe are currently in lockdown and the governments are telling people to stay inside, but Tesla has still been able to continue the work on Giga Berlin. The reason for this is most likely that the activity at the site does not require large groups working together. The work has mostly been conducted by individual people operating heavy machinery. 

During the construction of Giga Shanghai, the next step for the construction of the factory was a groundbreaking ceremony. It was expected that this would be the next stage in the construction of Giga Berlin as well, with executives such as CEO Elon Musk attending. But unfortunately, this is most likely not a possibility due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the outbreak, the ceremony will most likely not be taking place at all. And if the event were to take place it would most likely only include a few executives. 

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