Tesla Teases 110 kWh Battery with 400 Miles (~644 km) of Range

Software Update Reveals Upcoming Tesla 110 kWh Battery with 400 Miles (~644 km) of Range

Tesla is developing a new battery pack with 110 kWh which will allow some electric vehicles to reach a range of more than 400 miles (~644 km) in just a single charge. 

The development of Teslas largest battery pack yet was first teased during a shareholder’s meeting earlier this year. During this meeting, Elon Musk himself said that Tesla soon will be able to deliver an electric car with a range of 400 miles (~644 km).

A recent software update gave away Tesla’s new 110 kWh battery pack

Back during the Q4 shareholder’s meeting, Tesla’s longest-range model is the Model S Long Range which had an EPA-rating of 370 miles (~595 km). Tesla has now updated its range of models with a Model S Long Range Plus, which has an EPA-rating of 390 miles (~628 km). This increase in range is said to be the result of a software update. 

Now, however, we have also learnt that the people at Tesla plans for hardware upgrades that will even further increase the range for Model S and Model X. Specifically, this will be through a Tesla 110 kWh battery pack.

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Mentions of this new battery pack first came in a recent update to the Battery Management System for Teslas. This update held code which refers to a Tesla 110 kWh battery pack. A well-known Tesla hacker took a look atclear that the company is working on a new battery pack configuration. 

According to the latest firmware for the battery management system (BMS) the new battery pack configuration is for a 450-volt battery pack with almost 110 kWh of energy capacity which will have groups of 108 cells. If this battery pack comes to the Model S the eclectic car would achieve a range of over 400 miles (~644 km), just like mentioned by Elon during the previous shareholder’s meeting. 

TSLA Times Take

Some people might argue that Tesla’s 110 kWh battery would be somewhat excessive since most people do not travel that far during their everyday life. The average American travel around 30 miles (~48 km) per day which would make the 400 miles (~644 km) quite extreme. The range that all electric car companies present is the range in ideal conditions so the problem arises when these conditions do not apply. So for example when driving in less favourable temperatures the range of the battery pack will decrease which can cause problems for the customers. The temperature and wind conditions can also change drastically which then could affect the predicted range.

The conclusion is that even though the Tesla 110 kWh battery pack with a range of 400 miles (~644 km) might sound excessive, it might be useful for a lot of people the future. The increase in range can also be a luxury for people that need to travel long distances which would mean that they do not need to stop and recharge as often.

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