Tesla Model Y Car Carrier Shipping

Tesla Begins Shipping Model Y to Delivery Centers

The first Model Y deliveries will definitely reach customers’ hands later this month. Now, Tesla is dispatching truckloads of Model Y shipping to Tesla Delivery Centers ahead of customer deliveries. As such, it is possible that Model Y deliveries can start earlier than previously thought.

Fremont factory begins sending truckloads of Model Y to Delivery Centers

Back on Friday, Tesla began publicly stockpiling newly-built Model Y vehicles outside the company’s Fremont factory. Although this was enough to excite Tesla enthusiasts and observers, Tesla is now beginning to ship out Model Y vehicles to its Delivery Centers.

Tesla Model Y Car Carrier

Perhaps most interestingly, these cars could be freshly built. Observers who took photos of the vehicles Tesla began stockpiling on Friday note that they were mainly blue Model Ys. 

However, these more recent pictures of Tesla Model Y cars loaded onto car carriers reveal red and white variants. The picture seen above, taken by the Twitter user @mtlimm, exclusively shows red and white Model Y SUVs.

As such, it is possible that the Fremont paint-shop has begun switching over to other colors. Back during the much-different Model 3 ramp, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the red variants of the car were the most time-consuming for the Fremont paint-shop.

Tesla could be focusing on specific customizations at a time

The following photos, by Twitter user @WilsonIam,  show the loading process for the truckloads of Tesla Model Y shipping out. Moreover, commenters on the picture note that none of the vehicles have the Gemini wheel trim. 

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As such, some are suggesting that Tesla could be focusing on specific vehicle customizations each week, to aid volume production. This could further help explain the recent emergence of red Model Y versions waiting for car-carrier transport.

Moreover, the following shot is of another car-carrier than the previous one, hinting at volume deliveries to Delivery Centers. In front of it, numerous Model Y SUVs awaiting being loaded onto the car-carries are visible.

New Model Y details begin to emerge

According to earlier details from Tesla Model Y reservation holders, the first Model Y customer deliveries would happen on March 15th. Now, however, it seems as if customer deliveries could begin even sooner than that.

In the past days, observers are getting some of the best looks at the Model Y yet. For example, recent reports note the inclusion of USB C type outlets in the backseat. Moreover, people will likely get an even clearer picture of the Model Y’s features as deliveries approach.

It will, nevertheless, be interesting to watch these truckloads of Model Y shipping and reaching their destinations. Some observers suggest that some could become part of Tesla’s test-drive fleet. If this becomes the case, it would make it easier for prospective buyers to see the car in person and request a test drive.

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