Tesla China Mysterious Letter

Tesla China is Sending Out Mysterious Letter

Tesla China just posted an announcement on their official Weibo account – a Chinese social media platform that is a mix of Twitter and Facebook. The announcement tells us that Tesla China will send out a mysterious letter to its community.

The post on Weibo is composed of a text that says ”TESLA” set on a black background. The post also featured a black envelope and something written in Mandarin. The translation in English is roughly: ”Live your life like you mean it. No playing tricks. To all the enthusiasm from the heart”. The timing of this interesting message is particularly peculiar as it was announced on the first of April. 

April Fools?

Tesla and Elon Musk have a history of playing tricks on the world during April fools´ Day. Musk especially has made headlines before when he caused a ruckus on the stock market. During the first of April 2018 Elon Musk, jokingly, announced that Tesla was going bankrupt. The joke caused $TSLA to drop 7% and a share price of $248 causing shareholders to worry. 

Tesla does also like to play jokes on April Fools´ Day, but maybe not as ”harmful” as that of the CEO. ”Ticket Avoidance Mode” was announced by the auto-maker. The mode would activate the windshield wipers to prevent the meter man to place a ticket. If the meter man would persist, the car would activate autopilot and drive away. But the ”Ticket Avoidance Mode” was obviously a joke.  


So What is in this Mysterious Letter from Tesla China? 

Along with the previous message Tesla posted another message on their Weibo. The message roughly said: “A mysterious letter from Tesla is being sent out…. Please stay online to receive it. We will see you tomorrow.”

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The contents of the mysterious letter are unknown and can contain several possible messages. Since the social media campaign regarding this announcement is quite wast it is a good chance that the letter holds an important announcement about the company. It might be about the current lineup, its operations or just the company in general. Some of the Weibo users are speculation that the letter might contain more information regarding the China-made Model 3 Long Range version. 

Thus far Giga Shanghai has been producing the Standard Range Plus version of the Model 3. This version of the Model 3 is placed at a price point of about $42,000 with the basic version of Autopilot. This is a great price point for the electric sedan in the Chinese market as it gives the consumer great value for the price. This also means that the market is open for Tesla to expand on its product line-up. 

We also saw hints about a new version of the Model 3 earlier this year in February. The clue came from Tesla filing for approval for a new car. We do not know the specifics on the model but the weight of the car suggests that it could be the Long Range RWD version. This (still unknown) model was officially approved by the Chinese government earlier in March. 

The recent news and all the news from Tesla China might suggest that the automaker is about to announce something exciting. But the Weibo post came at a strange time as it is a special day, so it might just as well be an April fools joke. 

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