Telsa Model 3 Safety Pick+

Tesla Model 3 Earns the 2020 IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Award

The Model 3 was recently given the 2020 IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Award. The award is earned on the vehicles ability to protect people, both inside and outside of the car. To earn the award the vehicle needs to go through a sequence of tests to see how safe the car is. The awards appoint the safest cars within a size category and the Model 3 falls within the ”Midsize Luxury Car” division.

The reason why they make distinctions between the sizes of the cars is that the larger vehicles generally can add more protection than smaller cars. This means that a smaller car with the award might not be as safe as a larger car with the same rating. The vehicles can earn either a ”Top Safety Pick” or the ”Top Safety Pick+”, the latter, which Tesla Model 3 got.

Model 3 Receives the Rating: Top Safety Pick+

This news came from Tesla in a recent tweet. The award is great for Tesla and this means that the Model 3 is one of the safest cars on the road in 2020. There were 64 cars that qualified for the Tops Safety Pick and the Top Safety Pick+. Only 22 cars, alongside the Model 3, of the 64 cars qualified for the Top Safety Pick+. One of the reasons that for not rewarding more vehicles the ”plus” rating is due to the vehicles headlight evaluations.

IIHS President David Harkey explains that the headlight evaluation is one reason for awarding the Model 3 the ”plus” rating. But what really makes the Model 3 shine is the powertrain and all-electric structural design. The all-electrical structure means that Tesla does not need to fit a combustion engine in the front of the car. This means that the Model 3 can have extra-long crumple zones that will help the vehicle absorb force during crashes.

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Tesla Favors Safety

Tesla also explains on their website that the most important part of the Model 3 design is safety. The Tesla Model 3 safety award is the latest sign of this. They explain that the structure of the car is is a combination of steel and aluminium to maximize the strength of the vehicle. The glass roof does not only look amazing, but it is also actually safe as well. The all-glass roof can tolerate a weight four times as heavy as the vehicle. This Tesla Model 3 safety award comes as Tesla Model 3 Performance production is ramping up in China.

Other than the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award Tesla’s Model 3 has an overall 5-star NHTSA-rating. This means that they achieved a 5-star rating in all the following categories: Driver, Passenger, Front Seat, Rear Seat and Rollover. This is partly due to the energy absorbent crash structure and the low risk of the vehicle rolling over.

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