Model 3 Car of the Year

Tesla Model 3 Wins Car of the Year 2020

Tesla Model 3 has just claimed the title of UK Car of the Year. The Model 3 was up against eight other cars after being named Best Executive vehicle earlier this year. This is a great achievement for a relatively new car manufacturer such as Tesla. This is also Teslas first win in the UK Car of the Year awards. 

The director of the UK Car of the Year John Challen made some comments after the awards. Challen said that Tesla Model 3 is changing the game for the executive segment and forcing other brands to think differently. He continues to say that the Tesla Model 3 is an attractive vehicle due to the range, performance and the technology behind it. 

Who Made Tesla Model 3 Car of the Year? 

29 journalist judge the UK Car of the Year award and they are all experts within the automobile field. One of the judges is Tom Ford, a host of Top Gear, and he had a lot of praise for the Tesla Model 3. Ford said that the car has a clean look and that it makes other electrical vehicles look clumsy and awkward. 

Other journalists also had praise for the Model 3. The car was described as an ”exiting ownership experience” by Chris Knapman of CarGurus. Several judges were also in agreement that Tesla Model 3 is a unique car in the segment with its appeal and affordable price point. 

Here are the other cars that were competing against the Tesla Model 3 for the Car of the Year Award: 

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Interestingly enough, a third of the winners in all the respective categories were electric vehicles. This is a great trend for the EV-market and proof that electric vehicles are starting to perform and provide better quality than traditional combustion engine cars. 

Tesla Model 3 Among Consumer Reports ”Top Picks” 2020.

Along with awarding Tesla Model 3 Car of the Year it also made the top 10 list for consumers in 2020 according to Consumer Reports. The Model 3 was chosen as one of the cars in the $45,000 – $55,00 price range along with the Lexus RX and Toyota Supra. Consumer Report describing the driving experience to be thrilling and was impressed with the cars quick handling. Other positive features of the car are the battery range and the fact that it is eco-friendly. 

The Autopilot feature was probably the system that got the most critique. The argument was that the system allows the driver to be less engaged. But we have to take into account the Tesla only markets the Autopilot as a ”driver assistant”. This means the driver still needs to pay attention. But none the less the Model 3 made the list which is a great merit for Tesla. 

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