Tesla Starts Piledriving at Giga Shanghai Phase 2

Tesla Starts Piledriving at Giga Shanghai Phase 2

Tesla’s Chinese Gigafactory is kicking back into action. Specifically, work with Giga Shanghai’s Phase 2 is proceeding at breakneck pace. Now, numerous piledrivers are visible at the site, as principal construction of the upcoming Model Y factory is commencing.

Tesla begins piledriving at Giga Shanghai

Last week, we saw a flurry of construction machines begin preparations for Giga Shanghai “Phase 2”. This phase could roughly double Giga Shanghai’s current capacity, and will likely build a factory for Model Y production.

The following images, courtesy of Giga Shanghai observer @JayinShanghai, show that piledrivers are now at the site. The site on which Giga Shanghai now sits was previously a field for growing watermelons, sweet potatoes and rice. 

Tesla Starts Piledriving at Giga Shanghai Phase 2

As such, extensive land preparations are needed before laying the foundation of major buildings. This is why both initial construction at the site as well as Phase 2 require substantial piledriving to anchor it. 

Moreover, the following picture shows activity proceeding at the site even after the fall of dark. This indicates that construction at Giga Shanghai is proceeding despite the spread of the coronavirus. Additionally, sources say construction at Giga Shanghai at will continue “24/7”.

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Tesla Starts Piledriving at Giga Shanghai Phase 2 Night

Giga Shanghai Phase 2 vs Giga Berlin?

This presents an interesting parallel to Giga Berlin. Giga Berlin will soon see its official groundbreaking, and cranes are already arriving. In fact, local officials are teasing that the groundbreaking could take place as early as March 19th. No matter what, the groundbreaking is tentatively set for the second half of March.

As such, Giga Berlin and Giga Shanghai Phase 2 will be built roughly simultaneously. What’s more, both construction projects are building factories that will produce Tesla’s Model Y. Consequently, there will likely be some unofficial competition between the two sites in the upcoming weeks and months.

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, is no stranger to having different internal teams “compete” with each other to spur development. For example, the first phases of SpaceX’s Starship development took place simultaneously in Boca Chica and Cape Canaveral.

Will Giga Shanghai Phase 2 or Giga Berlin finish first?

It is, therefore, not unreasonable to assume that Giga Berlin and Giga Shanghai Phase 2 construction will follow each other.

Giga Shanghai Phase 2 currently appears to be off to a head start, but Giga Berlin will likely not require as extensive piledriving – owing to the German site’s more compact soil. Giga Berlin, on the other hand, will reportedly not run construction shifts 24/7.

Perhaps most impressively, Giga Shanghai Phase 2 is under construction as Giga Shanghai Phase 1 produces thousands of Model 3. Earlier today, we broke the news that Giga Shanghai now appears to be producing China-made Tesla Model 3 Performance trims.

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