Tesla to Release “More FSD Features” in March, Possibly Reverse Summon

Tesla to Release “More FSD Features” in March, Possibly Reverse Summon

Tesla’s suite of self-driving features is something that sets Teslas apart from most other cars. Perhaps most notably, Tesla’s over-the-air updates allow the California automaker to continuously improve its autonomous capabilities remotely. Now, Elon Musk hints Tesla will release “more” full self-driving features this month, and potentially “Reverse Summon”.

Musk: More FSD features in March

This news came in a recent tweet by the Tesla CEO. Whilst discussing Tesla full self-driving (FSD), Musk said Tesla is “tracking to release more FSD features later this month”. Although Musk did not mention exactly what FSD features he’s referring to, he’s made some hints lately.

Specifically, these FSD features could include “Reverse Summon” as well as potential improvements for Europe. Back on March 2nd, Musk first made a reference to “Reverse Summon”.

This came in response to Twitter user @annerajb, who was wondering when “we can see reverse summon in beta?”. Musk said Tesla needs to “finish work on Autopilot core foundation code” and “3D labelling”, then this “functionality will happen”. The CEO then went on to add that it’s “not long now”.

Elon Musk More FSD Features

Tesla is doing a core rewrite of Autopilot

Musk’s comments are likely in reference to Tesla’s ongoing core rewrite of Autopilot. This will reportedly allow Tesla to deploy updates quicker and better utilize the capabilities of Tesla’s neural net. 

The 3D labeling Musk refers to is likely improving Autopilots recognition of elements such as traffic signs, vehicles, cones etc. December’s “Full Self Driving Sneak Preview” gave driving visualizations of such elements to cars in the US. 

This relies on 3D labeling to accurately portray elements around the car – but is so far still prone to errors. As such, more accurate 3D labeling could better help the car understand and navigate its surroundings.

What is Tesla “Reverse Summon”?

As for Reverse Summon, this will likely be a mirror feature to Tesla’s existing “Smart Summon”. Whereas Smart Summon allows your car to navigate from its parking space to you, Reverse Summon likely reverses this. 

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As such, it would conceivably entail that your car can drop you off, and then navigate to a parking space on its own. This would presumably require the owner to supervise the car during the Reverse Summon process, just like with Smart Summon.

Seeing as Musk has already said that “its not long now” until Tesla releases Reverse Summon, it could be included. Other potential additions to this March update of FSD capability is harder to guess. It could include improvements to the existing Smart Summon functionality, Sentry Mode and general Autopilot.

FSD improvements are coming to Europe

However, Musk also said that Tesla is “making progress” when it comes to meeting EU standards. For those unaware, Tesla cars in Europe do not have the same FSD capabilities as Tesla cars in the US. This is due to safety concerns over the vehicles’ autonomous capabilities. 

As such, Tesla needs to cross a considerable amount of red tape before it can deploy all of its software capabilities to European vehicles. For example, European Teslas still lack the Full Self Driving Sneak Preview visualizations from December. 

Musk has now said that “improved rules are going through the EU standards committees”, and that the situation would hopefully be better “in a few months”. 

What’s more, there are some goodies already on the way for European Tesla owners. Tesla’s upcoming software update will be 2020.8, and this will introduce driving visualizations to drivers in Europe. 

What’s more, the update also bring visuals of third-party chargers in both Europe and the Bay Area, according to Tesla Owners Online. At the time of writing, 2020.8 has already begun rolling out to some owners and will likely reach the wider fleet soon. In other news, 2020.8 will also bring Track Mode V2, which compliments the recent Tesla Model 3 Track Package.

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