Video: First Model Y Walk-Around

Tesla has now begun making deliveries of the Model Y in the US. The very first customers have already gotten their cars, and more deliveries will happen during the weekend. What’s more, the very first video of a Tesla Model Y walk-around – as far as TSLA Times is aware – is now also available online. 

Tesla Model Y deliveries have begun

First and foremost, Friday 13th saw reports of Model Y deliveries begin to trickle in. Model Y buyers in both California and Utah are reporting successful deliveries of their vehicles. During the Model 3 ramp, Tesla first made deliveries to customers near its Fremont factory. 

However, the report of a Utah delivery of a Model Y indicates that Tesla is doing initial Model Y deliveries in multiple states. It is possible Utah saw some Friday deliveries due to a novel state law that prohibits car sales on Sundays. 

No matter what, we will know more as more deliveries take place in the coming days. What’s more, we know that Tesla has been shipping Model Y vehicles to its Delivery Centers for some time. This means Tesla could have a large first batch of deliveries ready this weekend.

Model Y walk-around

Perhaps most interestingly, the first video of a Model Y walk-around is now also making the rounds. It gives a good look at a Model Y Performance, with the Deep Blue Metallic color option. It also offers one of the best looks yet at the interior of Tesla’s latest vehicle. 

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The walk-around video is from the YouTube account Josh Welsh. Welsh appears to have taken delivery of his Model Y in San Diego, as his video carries a San Diego tag. The video gives a good look at the interior space of the Model Y, as well as the wireless charging pads.

The Tesla Model Y comes with Tesla‘s Qi wireless charger. This product was first available in the Model 3, and Tesla’s product picture of it can be seen below for reference.

Tesla Qi Charger

Welsh also confirms that the rear seats power-fold, but that they requires the driver to push them up manually. The vehicle comes with Tesla’s “Uberturbine” wheels, which were first seen during the Model 3 unveiling event. However, this is the first time Tesla has begun selling the wheels.

Take a look for yourself and blast of in the comment section below with your thoughts. A lot more details will likely emerge over the coming days – but this Tesla Model Y walk-around gives us a great first look at the vehicle.

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