What is Tesla Sentry Mode

Tesla Sentry Mode Catches More Mindless Destruction

So what is the Tesla Sentry Mode? Earlier last year Tesla updated its fleet with a new feature called Tesla Sentry Mode. This feature allows the Autopilot cameras around the vehicles to act as an integrated surveillance system. Tesla Sentry Mode will activate when something out of the ordinary occurs around the car the system will activate and start recording the surroundings. If someone attacks or starts to tamper with the vehicle the car alarm will go off as well.

Tesla Sentry Mode is Revolutionizing Car Security

Tesla’s Sentry Mode has revolutionized the security game when it comes to cars. Since the car has cameras it can detect and identify any assailant which in turn could help the authorities. Sentry Mode has proven to be useful in situations regarding vandalism. Through the footage recorded by the cameras, the police have been able to identify the responsible vandal. Recordings have also gone viral on the internet which put pressure on the vandals to turn themselves over to the police.

Tesla Sentry Mode is currently helping the authorities solve a hit and run. An American family had their car parked during dinner when someone crashed into their car and caused damage that would cost $2,000 to repair. Fortunately for the family, a close-by Tesla Model 3 caught the footage. When the crash occurred the Tesla activated Sentry Mode and recorded the incident. The owner of the Tesla Model 3 offered the family the footage which they, in turn, gave to the police.

Here you can see the actual footage that is being used to help solve this crime:  

From the footage, the authorities could see the license plate and the driver responsible for the accident. The assailant was then tracked down and charged for leaving the scene and careless driving.

Tesla Sentry Mode Assisting Canadian Police

Another story just broke about a Tesla Model 3 being vandalized in Vancouver, Canada. In this incident, Sentry Mode recorded the vandal picking up a block of cement and the intentions of the man recorded are pretty clear. Unfortunately in this situation, the cameras do not record the vandals face. We can see in the video that the assailant picks up the block of cement and walks towards the vehicle, unfortunately off camera. Just seconds after the car is damaged and Tesla Sentry Mode activates the car alarm. A broken windshield was the result of this attack. Since we can not see the face of the vandal in the footage Vancouver police need help to identify the person responsible.

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This is the footage taken by the Tesla Model 3 just as the vandal exits off-camera:

Hopefully, with the help of the public, the footage recorded by the Tesla Model 3 will be enough to identify the vandal and bring justice for the family.

What Does the Feature Require?

You need a few accessories for the Sentry Mode to work. The recommendation by TSLA Times is that you buy a Jeda’s Model 3 USB hub which will help you store all the necessary items required. In addition to this, you will need some kind of hard drive to be able to store the footage. One option could be a Samsung portable SSD which you can easily store in the Jeda hub. You will also need to format the hard drive to make it compatible with the Tesla vehicles.

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